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October 03, 2009

I went with Bob Dole to LoveFest today. I just went because´┐Ż because I needed to do something. Because I keep going home and sleeping, and it sucks. and I just need to do things.
we ended up not going inside cuz it cost ten dollars. and i was planning on going into it after he left.
so we spent most of the time scoping out babes, and in mcdonald's, where we spent most of our time, we devised a game called Snake Undone, where we would throw this ball that when undone becomes a snake, and we would throw it at this barn toy, and we'd try to close the door on the ball, and if it became undone, if it became a snake, then it was the next person's turn.

so we played that, and then bob dole was like we need to get some babes playing this, so he called some babes over, and one of them played a bit, and i figured she was getting bored, but then she was like aw man you have to play this to her friend and then her friend came over and played and bob dole asked how old they were and they are 15 and he was like "ooh, too bad you're not older". then they left

then we moved because a crazy guy was flipping out, and he chatted up two skirts while i sat away because i was shy but then he introduced me as his shy friend, and then we sat together and then we showed them how to play snake undone and then we left

after bob dole left, i wandered around, unsure if i wanted ot pay ten dollars to go inside, but i didn't want to pay. i didn't want to! so i didn't. i just stood by the naked guys and did my music homework for a few hours before leaving.
oh my god this one azn broad though oh my god, oh my god, kill me

and then so i got on the train and felt kind of lame. at balboa park station, and there was this girl who left the other train, and she sat down with what looked to me like a disabled fellow because he was stumbling everywhere, but they were dressed funky, so i figured they were on drugs. and she asked me when the millbrae train was coming, and i told her and i said it's right there you can see the train time right there! and she was like, oh these contacts are really bad you know, and i was like YEAH SURE YOU'RE ON DRUGS
but i didn't say that
i looked at her clothes, and thought about if she was my girlfriend, what i would be fine with now, but as we became more intimately involved, how i'd be more critical. i thought of how i should be less critical even if her pants are lame
so she still seemed out of it, and when she was about to get on the next train, i reminded her that's the one she doesn't want, and then someone touched my head and it was my ex. she gave me a halfhearted hug and was going to hang out with the neonazi, and i was like damn, why's she still doin that, and i was kind of like, damn wish she was going on my train because i wanna talk to someone.
so i kept looking at the girl, and the guy was cold, and she took off her layers of clothing, to keep dressing him as time passed, and it warmed my heart

and so we got on the same train together, and we started talking, and she offered me her sandwich, and was like do you want water i have water, and iw as like uhhh and so i had a bite of her sandwich at her insistence, but it wasn't a big bite, and i was crouched next to her looking directly at her and felt very comfortable, and i asked her quietly what they'd taken, and she insisted she was sober, and he was just drunk. she did have weed on her though. she was trying to get to millbrae train station to get to palo alto, and i told her, i will drive you there, for five dollars, and she seeemd down with that, and she asked if i wanted to smoke with her, and at first i was like, neeeh i don't smoke and i need to drive, and then i was like ok i will, and then when she said she would probably take the train instead of my ride, i was like ehhh you can ride for free but she still didn't because she said train would be easier and she wouldn't get lost. i hope she didn't say that because she thought i was a rapist, but i think it'd be understandable if she had second thoughts about getting into a total stranger's car.

but anyway she was really nice, and i liked her a lot, and i told her i was glad to have met her because i was. it made the entire day worth it, even though it all seemed pointless sometimes.