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June 05, 2005

On Day 1, I went to a club to see my friend DJ with a band. He was pretty good, and the band's singer was a mega fox. Much foxier than I even realized from the pictures of her on the band's site. I went to their hotel and sat around and played songs from my iPod for them and was sitting around until 5 AM. I didn't want to overstay my welcome, so I left when my friend went to sleep, but the singer seemed to invite me to stay, but DIDN'T WANT TO OVERSTAY MY WELCOME, so I said goodbye and she hugged me goodbye. I left the hotel, expecting the subway to be open, but it wasn't, so I went off in search of food. When I sat down, I found the band's sticker stuck to my bag, apparently planted there by singer, so I STUCK it in an art BOOK which features a photograph of mine on the cover. TOOK OFF FOR OAKLAND::: When I got there, I felt up my friend and told her I want to marry her. I think I was dreaming, but awake. I was laying in bed when my friend's sister came in. I was happy to see her, and so I hugged her. Her sister is also my friend. She said that when she walked in, I had my headphones on and was staring up at the ceiling. Big long day of nothing much. Sat around in a tea hut on top of water. Five minute flashes of sleep. Mostly noise, music and unhealthy eatin'. My friend's sister (also friend) got a bicycle! I finally went to sleep that night, and I think I was trying to get it on with my pal again because I was sleeping and BEING TIRED IS A RECIPE FOR disaster. I read 30+ pages of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, noted how Thompson wrote about the trail of lights in his hotel's sign. Next day, we went to flea market and then separated. I set off for the place where I live, and on bus, I stared at the red LEDs, frustrated at how the lights trailed and created the illusion of words moving across. These are not words; they are dots. After too much time spent on PUBLIC transportation, I finally made it back. The boxes stacked by the door reminded me why I hate smothering mess where I live, but I am here, and I am able to brush my teeth, so that is good.