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Timeline February 13 - March 16
February 13, 2022

I think it's easier to be self centered than act like I care about and be enthusiastic for anyone and then feel hurt when they don't return identical behaviors.

March 2 19:49

disturbed by my unattractiveness more than usual tonight.
disturbed that this entire area is becoming one big fucking ghetto
everything becoming shit here

March 16 14:07

Friend is too busy to consistently talk to me and it's coinciding with issue after issue about body image so I don't have anyone around to tell me I'm not that gross or just make me realize that even if I'm gross at least someone will talk to me. I just feel like retreating from everything so I don't feel like I'm reaching out to a world I'm not really a part of. hoping i can feel less isolated and depressed and fucked up soon. or just have fun. kind of dreading time off because that's when everything gets to me. try to have fun