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May 28, 2009

Walked the dog around twilight, briskly walked the hill, turned around, saw the fog around the earth, the the earth insect wrapped up in the sky cocoon, walked through the field hill, worried about spiders, walked past the track, past the prison and it was so dark around there that I was scared, heard a man vocalizing from the prison, unsure if he was yelping in pain or simply singing. Afraid of everything, past the scary path and onto the street, the husky's hair glowed, his dark parts not at all bright, so he was these bright white shapes moving through the twilight. I feel very energetic, not sure why, maybe it's because of all the water, or the naps, or the lack of belief in me, so i need to be strong, I feel stronger, not sure why, maybe it's the water the naps or the weights I lifted a few nights back. Kept walking walking, then as I approached home, it may have been cocooned, too, but I wasn't sure, and I was then too close to tell.