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Born to Die
November 10, 2021
Hate the feeling when I don't sleep enough. Feel like I'm losing it and can't see or think clearly. Whenever I try to move away from my bed the pain in my back pulls me back but I'm hungry and have no one I share my life with to bring me anything. Just saw the part of KRittenhouse trial where he broke down and it felt really bad to see. It seems like he's shell-shocked or something and reacted in the moment and is paying for it now like it's traumatic being attacked whether you win or lose. Even if you kill the attacker, you still lived through an attack and you still killed someone. I heard FB is blocking searches for him, maybe because he looked too sympathetic and that undermines the sort of anarcho-tyrrany they're really into. I hope I get out of the house before long I'm just in a lot of pain and feel fatigued. I think the coffee and protein is kicking in though glad I have it and I'm worried about the economy successfully being collapsed by the psychos in all levels of government and big tech and then losing access to one of the few things that made me feel strong in a long time. Epic's venison bars are slightly smaller now, but the worst part is the flavor and texture. They used to energize me and make me feel super amped, and now they're these small things that crumble and seem like dog food. Which seems to be the goal of people who see humans as a plague. Stop us from using the animals, be emaciated and hungry and die young.