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February 24, 2006

That drawing in my last entry is a girl in one of my classes. The chair's proportions are all messed up. It's only a sketch.

I'm self-centered, expect everything from people. I'm out of touch with reality. I'm confused and confusing.

I just listened to a preview of Sad Girl by the Scott Thomas band and it was painful. Not like Juliana Hatfield's version, where she is alone on stage as the hub-bub of a bar happens all around her, and people laugh, people hollar, people talk.
people gossip, people walk, people eat, shit, drink.

I think I have acquired a fear of friends up and leaving suddenly. Because of a few acquaintances I barely knew who suddenly severed contact with me.
And now I feel like this will happen, again and again, with increasing frequency, in increasingly meaningful relationships, assuming I find any in the first place.

Please, somebody notice me
Please, somebody comfort me

Juliana Hatfield is that song, no need for noisiness, just a slightly strummed acoustic guitar, just a little grown up girl voice straining to be heard above the noise of a crowd.