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A Gulf Between All the Things I need and the Things I receive
October 12, 2021
I stayed later than usual, like I prefer to, but it's more stressful because management just hates me doing anything after closing. But I wasn't in the office. Was eating a burrito behind my car and washing car. Burrito got cold while some woman complained about how they were removing the towering deadly invasive fauna from the area.

Looking across the Bay at dusk makes it hurt so much more. Nostalgia for one year. Finishing work after daydreaming about her all day, folding clothes, washing car, looking forward to seeing her, driving across the bridge to see her when she was having a rough week. If I knew it hurts her as much, to look across the water, to only be able to see me there, it would be some sort of comfort, like a heartache that spans vast bodies of water. Instead of just a shitty heart sitting on the ground and drowning in the bright light of this bullshit world.