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July 18, 2021

People always write off concerns about the degeneration of cities as right wing conspiracies but I dont drive to a city I love as much anymore, and I stopped parking my car there because it's basically guaranteed to have its windows broken. And I've always wanted to be in SF more, and it's right there. Graffiti all over neighborhoods that didn't used to have any. When I went to an SF park every day, there were needles and human waste everywhere. Now outside the city, people run stop lights constantly, just speeding through them then maybe slowing down in the middle of the crosswalk if they're cautious. Just now while looking for a burger, a dude ran a stoplight so fast he was in the intersection before stopping. Yesterday I was at a park where a guy drove so fast he almost hit a few people. People just shit on bathroom floors and cover it in piles of toilet paper. A nearby neighborhood has had its street lights blacked out for months. It seems like silicon valley, and unchecked immigration and criminality have destroyed this place. Emphasis on "seems". I don't use stats, I don't read. it pisses me off when wealthy people from silicon valley (abbreviated as: demons) moralize about how we should live our lives or who we should welcome in our lives when they don't have to deal with their windows being broken or being slammed into by a drunk asshole. It enrages me that there's any debate about these idiotic topics that mean nothing, when it's usually someone who isn't in the debate who gets fucking run over or their house vandalized.
Anyway I'd really like to go to Death Guild but I'm too ugly. Hope I can again someday not too far from now. I think I have less in common with those people than ever, though. I don't care about having pure thoughts or being on the right side of history. I'm not a good person and the idea that you can buy into being a good person by saying words or being scared into convincing yourself that you believe good ideas, turning away from the bad ones because of what it might say about you, that doesn't make you good and if anything it just makes you tedious.

Might go running. I don't know. I got my burger.